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Top 6 Inside The Box Tips For Self-Storage

Top 6 Inside The Box Tips For Self-Storage

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At Storage Plus, we see all types of customers who are either heading overseas for a year or two and wondering what to do with all the stuff they’ve accumulated; through to medium to small sized businesses who need a safe and secure location they can trust with their luxury products

We like to think inside the box, as more Australia’s turn to self-storage as a short-term or long-term solution for lack of space or as an opportunity to grow and expand their locally operating business!

Given there is a large number of self-storage operators and facilities both in the inner city and out, how do you go about finding the perfect solution that meets your personal or business storage needs?

1. Location, Location, Location.

Storage Facilities like Storage Plus, are available in a variety of areas – but there is a big difference between what you’ll pay to house your belongings close to the City centre compared with the outskirts of major metropolitan areas. Here are a couple location tips to keep in mind:

  1. If you’ll need access on a regular basis, it may be well worth paying extra to have it closer to your home and/or office.
  2. If you need storage for an extended period, and you won’t need to access your belongings, search further afield.

Our residential and business clients love that our self storage facility is centrally located in Rosebery, right in the heart of everything, our storage units are convenient with easy drive up access for loading and unloading, plus our friendly team are available to help you move on in and move on out anytime!

2. Type Of Unit Available

It’s a good idea to visit the Storage Facility you are considering, taking a note of inclines, uneven surfaces or steps on the way to the unit. Units may be located on the ground floor, directly accessible from a vehicle, or in some cases situated on a higher floor with lift access. Some self-storage centres stack storage units which require a couple of days notice to gain access.

If you have a lot of bulky and heavy items for storage, it might be worth paying more for a directly accessible or ground floor unit, providing you more flexible access any day, any time.

Further to the types of units available, if you’re planning on renting a lift-accessible unit, check for gaps between the lift and the floor – what may seem like just a small step for man, may actually become a giant leap for “man-pushing-heavy-trolley”.

The good news is, Storage Plus has a range of storage units, whether you’ve got a little or a lot to store, there is a space waiting just for you, with storage bays of all shapes and sizes. From one square metre up to ten metres or more, we can store it – whatever it is!

Discover how much space you require, with our online Space Calculator!

3. Security

When considering any Self-Storage facility it’s always a good idea to ask about the security features at the facility. Are they patrolled by security guards? Do they have cameras installed? Are regular check made to ensure lockers have not been broken into?

At Storage Plus, we maintain stringent security procedures in line with Self Storage Association of Australasia, we have the very best security standards in place and offer you the best legal protection via our industry standard storage agreements. Rest assured you are in safe and secure hands!

4. Insurance

While we do not want to think about the negatives, it’s important to consider worst-case scenarios when it comes to storage. What happens if there’s a fire or pest infestation, or water damage? Who’s responsible for theft? In many cases, storage centres absolve themselves of responsibility for loss or damage of your stuff or place low limits on their liability, so it may be worth checking whether your home and contents insurer will cover your stuff while in storage. Self-storage operators may also sell insurance for loss incurred, with premiums based on the value of the goods you’re storing.


At Storage Plus, we offer you the best legal protection via our industry standard storage agreements. Rest assured you are in safe and secure hands! Contact our friendly team to discuss our range of Insurance options available for added peace of mind when it comes to storing your personal or business items with Storage Plus in both Alexandria and South Yarra.

5. Pick Up and Drop Off Service

If you’re likely to find travelling to a storage location difficult (if you don’t have a driver’s license, for example), no matter the reason some operators now deliver a storage crate to your home. You pack it up (or pay them to do it for you), and they take it away to their facility.

Maxi Box Storage Plus

At Storage Plus, we are excited to introduce MAXI BOX for anyone who wants maximum space at maximum value. Our friendly team will deliver you a clean, secure, reinforced, weatherproof storage box, anywhere in Sydney.

Simply pack your box, or arrange for our specialists to do all the heavy lifting for you, then we’ll pick-up your Maxi Box when it suits you to store in our safe and secure warehouse.

When you need access to your stored belongings you can enjoy FREE access, as often as you like; 7 days a week, with extended hours at our warehouse, or we can deliver to your home or business for access with FREE delivery – now that’s MAXIMUM peace of mind and flexibility!

6. What You’ll Need On Moving Day

Consider the extras you’ll need to keep the cost low when it comes to storage. Collect blankets, bubble wrap, newspapers, old sheets and towels to use for wrapping and padding your stuff. Source some cardboard boxes that are sturdy, stable and similarly sized, so you can stack them without hassle. You may also like to consider investing in a good lock to ensure your belongings are safe and secure.

At Storage Plus, we want your moving day to be stress-free and hassle-free, so with every new move-in you’ll enjoy FREE boxes, tape, wrapping paper, protective padding and other packaging material to the value of $100 – to help you get everything prepared for storage.

And if you need more boxes, protective padding and other materials, check out our Box Shop for the lowest prices in Sydney for all your storage supplies!