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Self-Storage Solutions For Home Business

Self-Storage Solutions For Home Business

Home Based Business is on the rise in Australia as technology advanced day-by-day often outgrowing the home, so where to next?

At Storage Plus we have found most of our small business and start-up customers outgrew their home after starting with a few products and a website as customer demand increased.

We are passionate about supporting Australian small businesses grow and we understand the last thing any new business needs is a fixed-term lock lease with limited access to their storage.

Luckily, at Storage Plus we provide flexible lease arrangements with an array of storage options to suit all budgets and needs. We provide tools and services to make stock handling easy, mobility a breeze with trolleys and forklift services, easy access with 24/7 secured warehouses as well as shelving and dispatch services.

Self-Storage should be flexible and suitable to your needs. Only paying for the space you need and not space waiting for stock to arrive is just one of the reasons self storage works for businesses of all sizes.

Need a quick quote? Our team of storage experts are here to help your business succeed and grow, request your free quote today or visit our Self-Storage locations in Sydney and Melbourne.

And remember Business Storage is not only for retail stock, it is also popular for business archive storage,  sample and display stock, wholesalers and tradesman.