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How Can Self Storage Assist During Renovations?

How Can Self Storage Assist During Renovations?

Renovating your home or business is exciting, but where are you going to put all your belongings?

When renovating your home or business and in need of more space, you are going to come up against a common problem: Where am I going to put all my belongings? You could store them with a friend or rent a a space for the short-term, but both have costs that aren’t very fair or convenient.

We’ve been asked how can self storage with Storage Plus be useful when renovating? and today we share some of expert tips and advice to help you enjoy a stress-free and cost-cutting renovation masterpiece!

Renovations often take longer then you might plan for and there can be all sorts of delays; the wrong tiles or bad weather, drying times for coats of paint and furniture installations could really set you back.

This is where a self-storage unit with Storage Plus has it’s advantages!

Putting your items in a self storage unit, protects your stored residential and/or commercial goods from getting damaged, helping your trades people move around with ease and complete the job faster – clearing up space, ultimately saving you time, resources and money.

Discover the most suitable and affordable self-storage in sydney or self-storage in Melbourne with Storage Plus for your needs, with flexible terms and the best rates.

Misjudging how long the renovations will take is common, so doing some research and creating a plan will help you reduce changes later on in the project saving you time and money. If you organise self-storage early with Storage Plus, you’ll have a competitive free quote and the assurance you are storing your belongings with a team of professionals.

So… how do you move your belongings into Storage Plus?

The great news is, at Storage Plus we provide a stress-free service where our storage experts can come to your home or business and help you pack your belongings and move them into storage. We will even supply you with the essentials to help you pack everything safely.

If you are thinking about renovating your home, save time and money and provide yourself peace of mind with stress-free self-storage. With 24/7 access to a secure facility with a friendly and helpful team of experts, you can be confident that you’re belongings are in safe hands.