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Why do I need Self Storage Insurance?

Self Storage insurance is an inexpensive way to ensure protection of your goods whilst they are stored in our self storage facility. If your goods worth storing they are certainly worth insuring. Not all household cover extends to Self Storage facilities and in many cases you are not insured when...

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Regular market stall owners take advantage of Self Storage

Sundays are often reserved for brunch and wandering around local markets. Market stallholders spend their week driving around suburbs scouring second-hand shops and garage sales for bargains to resell to you just after breakfast! Not every stallholder has a convenient place to store his or her me...

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Ever Considered Self Storage as a Library?

Plenty of us enjoy a good read. Books have been around for thousands of years and they take up a lot of space. Have you ever considered creating your own private library? Self Storage can help. From the small space where you can store a few books to a larger space where you can add your own shelv...

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How does a small business become a big business

The biggest issue the small business faces is a lack of resource. It doesn't always get down to money - sometimes for a small business to become a large business it needs to take the next step. Self Storage has emerged as a helper to small business. Bulk deals, discounts for quantity and a flexibl...

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How Self Storage can increase Profits for Local Retailers

Every square metre of retail space in South Sydney is valuable from the corner store with rents from $500 per square metre up to major shopping centres where rents can be from $2000-$5000 per square metre, optimising that space is essential to increase profits for local retailers, especially in Sout...

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Storing Furniture – Our tips top make the job easier!

Storing furniture in Self Storage facilities is very common. When it comes to Self Storage some of us forget just how heavy furniture can be and how much room and takes up until it comes time to move! Using our Self Storage spaces can cut down how often you end up moving lounges mattresses, desks...

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Self Storage for Business Owners

Are you considering renting additional commercial or industrial space to your business? Have you considered a Self Storage space instead? Additional commercial or industrial space is a major commitment to anyone in business; often a new fixed period lease would need to be signed. Self Storage offer...

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Self Storage and Removalists Storage – What’s the difference?

Removalists have offered Storage services for many years. Some old style removalists still have repository storage for their customers. Repository Storage was popular before Self Storage. Removalists are often the first to be contacted when it comes to moving house and that's natural. Many remova...

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Businesses use Self Storage to their advantage

Businesses use Self Storage to their advantage Self Storage not only suits residential users moving from one place to another and needing a storage space but also businesses. So how does a business benefit from using Self Storage? Self Storage spaces are rented using a simple license agreement...

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